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  • House of Transformation Berlin

    House of Transformation Berlin

    The "House of Transformation" at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW) is a building, managed by students, that will be built as a dialogue centre for sustainability. It is a lighthouse project of the university and is intended to represent radical, circular construction and Design for disassembly. Realised from used building materials, it must be possible to reuse these in a future reconstruction/ demolition.

  • Facettenwerk Wiesbaden

    Facettenwerk Wiesbaden

    We are supporting a workshop for disabled people in the circular redesign of its buildings. Some buildings will not be used anymore, and new workspaces will be created. The inventory will be documented, analysed, and deconstructed. The components will be categorised and used in the new buildings, and they will influence the design of the new workshop facilities.

  • CEWI


    CIRCULAR STRUCTURAL DESIGN participates in the context of the CEWI project, which covers the full value chain with several stakeholders. The goal of this project is to use circular economy approaches to accelerate the transformation to a climate neutral and resource efficient industry. CEWI is led by Stiftung 2°, Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie and WWF Germany.

  • Life cycle assessment

    Life cycle assessment

    The proper assessment of all environmental impacts of various material solutions is a key to make the right decision towards a sustainable construction industry. Therefor we were appointed to carry out a study about different international life-cycle-assessment methods and approaches in various countries worldwide. The focus lies on the steel construction industry.

  • Bamboo as structural material

    Bamboo as structural material

    The use of fast-growing natural materials, such as bamboo, as building materials is one way to optimise the required embodied energy in the construction industry. Together with strito studio and Rotative Studio we are in the process to design and realise small modular studios, which explore the possible application of laminated bamboo elements for primary structural components.